About Great Southern

Great Southern serves as a private holding company for a diverse set of investments and interests.  The company was formed on a select number of pillars that serve to diversify the company’s holdings and narrow the focus of the strategies pursued.  

At Great Southern we believe in thought leadership within our industries and in the strategies which we invest.  The company prides itself on being flexible and making non-obvious inferences which enlighten unique strategies where we can deploy and allocate resources. This marriage of economic expertise combined with industry knowledge provides Great Southern a unique perspective enabling and empowering our employees to create value.

The achievement of the success is based upon cultivating, retaining, and fostering relationships with our employees and partners.  People are at the heart of every successful enterprise and we believe in investing in people and relationships to help enhance all stakeholders.  Through this Great Southern utilizes a team of experienced operating partners that serve as industry advocates for each division to grow the company’s market presence.  In addition, Great Southern values partnerships and seeks to partner with individuals and firms that share our vision and values.

Core Ideology:

  • We believe in a purpose beyond profit while maintaining a pragmatic pursuit of profits
  • We are conservative at our core but are not adverse to bold, risky moves
  • Our business is centered on determining thoughtful solutions to problems
  • We provide individual opportunity and reward based on merit
  • Unparalleled excellence in all aspects of our business
  • As an organization we have a clear sense of vision and direction; however we are are committed to experiment, refine, and improve

Core Values





“Greatness is a lot of little things done right.”